Thursday, 11 June 2009

Immrama Festival of Travel Writing

When: Thursday 11 - Sunday 14 June

Where: Lismore, Co Waterford

If you're in Waterford, you should check out the travel writing festival.
Immrama presents a host of events and readings over the weekend including a poetry workshop for primary schools with Áine Uí Fhoglú. Other readings and speakers include Dervla Murphy, Dermot Somers, Kate Adie, Rory Maclean, Manchán Magan and Annie Rogers amongst many others.


Catherine said...

I just came across this little post about Immrama - didn't see it before as I wasn't following your blog then. I am very involved in Immrama and hubby is the admin, so I get to all the gigs as a health and safety steward. You might like to read my post on this year's Immrama and see some of the photos of the speakers and events.

By the way, well done on your radio interview on Liffey FM I caught most of it online!
All the best, Catherine,

Emerging Writer said...

Hi Catherine, Thanks for dropping by. It sounds like a great festival. Perhaps you can get me on the VIP list next year!
I volunteered at the Dublin Writers Festival and had a great time.