Thursday, 8 April 2010

Kenyan Orphan Charity Poetry Competition

From Sheenagh Pugh at Good God! There's writing on both sides of the page.
Donate £5 to a Kenyan Charity and maybe win a poetry competition too.

Judge: John Hegley.

It's short poems. Poems must not exceed 30 lines (not including title) but you can enter online.

FEES: Each poem submitted will cost £5.00 including subsequent poems. Only sterling ( cheques,postal orders or money orders will be accepted) . Please make cheques payable to: Educating Kenyan Orphans.
So that will cut out most Irish and American poets. Stupid. Paypal is so easy to set up.

Deadline: 7th June 2010


First Prize £1000
Second Prize £500
Third Prize £300
Fourth Prize £200

There will be a reading given by John Hegley at the Rook Lane Chapel, Bath Street, Frome, Somerset.

The winners will receive their prizes and be able to read their poems at the reading on the 17th July 2010.

More Rules here


Totalfeckineejit said...

At last a comp where your money isn't wasted.Good one!

But yes, no paypal is a big pity.

Connect To Charity said...

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