Monday, 26 April 2010

What happened at the Hennessys?

Two winners, Madeline D'Arcy (First Fiction) and Olive Broderick (Poetry) swapping details and drinking champagne!
See the Sunday Tribune link for details of the winners.

Carlo Gebler was the bad guy short story judge which didn't win. He said about my story, Ginny Doran Writes Down the Whole Honest.

It at first appears to be Ginny Doran's bubbly accounts of her life. However, the jaunty tone gives was to the unexpectedly dark. This story is sly (in a good way) adroit and ingenious.

I have given up on sulking. It's too wearying. I now am telling myself how many successful and wonderful writers were shortlisted and didn't win. Paula Meehan for example.


Words A Day said...

Hi Kate, it was nice to meet you,(for that second before we were shuffled off to our "reserved seating!") How can you recall what the judges said about your story? My head was so full of brandy/poetic thoughts that I can't recall any of their statements! It's a hard old process isnt it? I didn't think it would drain me the way it did. I'm swearing off competitions for a while, I find I get so hung up on shortlists and results lately that i've been forgetting to write...
All the best

Peter Goulding said...

Sounds like a great evening. There's many of us would give our eye teeth to be nominated and it looks great on the CV too!

Emerging Writer said...

Hi Niamh,

Nice to meet you too. I asked Carlo afterwards if he would mind sending me his comments. He posted them to me, which was very kind of him. My brain was also whirling with brandy cocktails and nerves.
I know what you mean about getting hung up on competitions. Plus they cost. Try sending out to magazines instead and forgetting about it and writing new ones. Cheaper.

Thanks Peter. I put a high value on all my teeth too