Thursday, 15 April 2010

Interesting Links

How to write a 50 word book blurb, mainly for shelves in bookshops. I love these memory-joggers.

If you haven't read it, the controversial piece by Marie Johnston in Poetry Ireland Review 100 about sub-standard poems (and apparently therefore poets) published in old copies of the magazine. I do agree with some of what she is saying. There are many poems published that I don't get. Either they are just an interesting observiation (so what?) or poetry as therapy or too convoluted/up their own bum or just plain boring. However, the way the article is written leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Emerging poets haven't had time to develop a thick skin and naming and slagging off poets seems unnecessarily cruel. Plus most of the poets she does single out as good are real old school.

Interesting post from A Newbie's Guide to Publishing about e-publishing/self-publishing and the like.

The Thought Fox is a blog from Faber and Faber. Worth a look.

And here's the Faber and Faber podcasts.

Fabulous photos from I Could Read the Sky from Stephen Pyke.

I'm in the Meath Chronicle.


LilyS said...

Great links, thanks for posting.

Well done on the article and good luck for tonight :)

Máire T. Robinson said...

Wow, those photos are beautiful. I particularly love 'Wall of Death' shot. Awesome. Thanks for posting!

Titus said...

EW: I couldn't actually get to the controversial piece by following the link, and I quite fancied a gander at it. Do I have to buy the magazine to read it?

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Lily. Reading went very well. Responsive select audience who bought some pamphlets.
Titus, it looks like they took the article down again. I guess they figured that more people will buy the mag to read it!

Titus said...

Congrats on Meath, by the way.

Totalfeckineejit said...

It was cruel to single out poets.And you are right the stuff she did think was good was old school and it really did nothing for me at all. So where does that leave us?