Friday, 16 April 2010

Meath Welcomes Me!

Photo courtsey Frank Murphy. Orla Fay asking me how to make a living as a poet.

Does anyone remember the Dustin the Turkey rip off, I've never been to Meath? (A squarky version of I've never been to me)

Well, I've been to Meath and they're lovely!
I was the featured reader at the Boyne Readings in Trim with the Meath Writers' Circle and the Boyne Writers and special guests. A lovely venue, discerning audience, diverse and imaginative open mic AND tea and biscuits. Long may it last. Meath is a lucky county to have a regular poetry reading and open mic night. Give them your support.

I met the lovely Michael Farry who reviews it here. See the photo of my fans buying the Poetry Divas pamphlet and my new pamphlet Good Sherry Trifle. See sidebar for purchase details! Michael read a super poem about Frank Miller, named for the bad guy in High Noon.

Also Frank Murphy who read a squirmy (in a good way) story about the Dublin Meath bus. He reviews the reading at the Tara Poetry Blog.

Not forgetting the MC Paddy Smith who contributes the the Meath Chronicle. (Flamboyant? Moi?)

Also the talented poet Orla Fay who blogs here.

And the Sheriff of Navan.

P.S. Talented cartdriver anime blogger still stranded in Ireland because of this


Titus said...

Love the photo! You've got a pamphlet - how did I miss that one? I love sherry trifle.

Emerging Writer said...

Yes. Hot off the press. So hot, in fact, I sold out and had to take orders.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Well done!

Titus said...

Yikes! Put me down for one then!

Frank said...

Congratulations on great reading in Trim. It was me with The Leprechaun. I'll remember it the next time!
Frank Murphy.

Emerging Writer said...

Hi Frank. Good to meet you. I'm dying to know what happened to the Leprechaun

Frank said...

Somewhere down Offaly way!