Monday, 23 August 2010

More Workshops at the Irish Writers Centre

Quite a good selection of teachers here. The prices are reasonable I suppose.


Feature Writing with Henry McDonald 165 Euro

On this six-week course Henry will show the diversity in approaches to feature writing and how the genre differs from the who, what, where, when and how of conventional straight news reporting.

10 WEEK COURSES all 280 Euro

Finish your Novel with Conor Kostick

This is a practical course for writers who are already part-way through the writing of a book. It takes place on Monday evenings.

Beginners Creative Writing with Nessa O'Mahoney

During the ten weeks of the course, we’ll explore that mysterious thing called inspiration as well as discussing the craft of writing. The approach will consist of a combination of in-class tuition and exercises and peer critiquing of work in progress. The focus will be on producing work and learning how to edit it.

Beginners' Creative Writing with Jean O'Brien

We all have our own stories to tell, this ten-week course is aimed at releasing that story, be it through the medium of fiction, memoir or poetry. If you want to know how to put your story down in a structured way, how and where to get started and how to complete your tale then this course is for you.

Writing Historical Fiction with John Givens

This ten-week course will explore methods for creating a fictional world that is self-consistent, credible, entertaining, and populated by believable characters authentic to their time and place.

Young Adult Fiction with Michael Carroll

This ten-week course will cover the basics of plotting, characterisation and prose with emphasis on tailoring work for the Young Adult market.

Working towards Publication with Michael O'Loughlin

This course is aimed at the writer who has already done a workshop or has been writing a while and even started to publish their work. It is meant to help the writer to locate and sharpen his or her own voice, whether that is in poetry or prose.

Develop Your Writing with Alan Jude Moore

This ten-week course is suitable for anyone who has already started writing and wishes to develop their writing further. The aim of the course will be to build on the basics you have already learned and help you engage further with your work and writing life.

Writing Poetry with Peter Sirr

This ten-week course will explore some of the routes into writing poetry, looking at examples of poetry from a wide range of poets, as well as considering participants' own work. The course will explore what distinguishes poetry from any other kind of writing and will also suggest ways of getting beyond the personal and anecdotal into more exciting territory.

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