Thursday, 5 August 2010

More Links - Poetry and magazines

Some Interesting Links on What Poetry is For (if it is for anything) What is music for? What is art for? What is air for? What is Football for? What is the internet for? What is Amy Winehouse for? What is licorice for?

What it says on the Tin from Baroque in Hackney also goes into the hairy topic of who we should be reading. Young, old, white, not white, man, woman, sausage. Faber or Salt? Commercial/ on BBC, performance or I only write in my back room for my pet parrakeet?
I do adore Simon Armitige but I also read people I never see profiled in the Guardian. And if you mentioned their names at a cocktail party (really, who goes to cocktail parties? Maybe a barbecue) it would leave blank, condesending expressins all round.

The inimitable George Szirtes on What's Poetry For. He suggests Poetry is about trying to capture a reality that is deeper than language.

And from the Independent (UK) an article on underground Poetry Magazines which mentions popshot recently highlighted in these very pages. Scoop or what! Also mentions Penpusher, Five Dials and Litro, Stingray, Gutter, The Drawbridge and Ambit.

Also from Jessica Mayberry, more mags that pay.