Wednesday, 4 August 2010

50 Word Mystery

Can you write a mystery story in 50 words. Exactly 50 words?
Can you include a reference to the River Avon?

Bradford on Avon Arts Festival challenges you to write an original mystery connected with Bradford’s River Avon.
The mystery competition is part of Bradford on Avon’s Arts Festival, which runs from September 17th till 26th 2010.

The winning entry will be chosen by the competition judges - screenwriter Stephen Volk and mystery- and scriptwriter Stan Hey.

The winning mystery will published with selected other entries as a broadsheet that will be on sale during the arts festival week.

In addition, you may use a title comprising no more than fifteen words.

Write or type your entry on one side of a sheet of A4 paper, and add your name, age (if under 16) and address, email and phone number. If you’re entering by email, include all this information. Ex Libris Bookshop, The Shambles, Bradford on Avon or send an email to:
deadline for entries is Wednesday August 18th 2010.
For further information about the festival, please visit


Summer Ross said...

oh this sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Thanks for posting.

TeresaR said...

Goodness, I can't even write a Facebook comment with less than 50 words! ;)

Simon Kewin said...

Ooh, now that's too tempting to pass up on. Thanks for the tip. Hmm ...