Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cork Arts Theatre One Act Playwright awards


Cork Arts Theatre runs an annual playwright’s award hosted, organised and sponsored by the Theatre. To date over 800 new plays have been submitted and judged, over 150 have been performed and 6 have been published.

Submissions are now being accepted for our 2011 One Act Playwright Awards.

* Application form & a copy of the rules can be downloaded HERE . Six plays will be short-listed, for production.

* Deadline for entry is 29th April, 2011 and the cost is 25 euro per script.

* All writers will be invited to Writers Day, when they will receive a full adjudication of their work, and, short-listed plays will be announced. This will take place in early Autumn with production in November.

* Full technical support will be provided by our staff and we will engage production companies and directors to work with writers on scripts for staging.

* We have two different categories of Award: Established Writers (category A) and New Writers (category B). Both recicients of category A and category B Awards will receive a trophy, a prize of €100, and have their play produced.

* Six production companies will perform the plays during Writer's Week 2011 with each play getting a minimum of two airings.

They are also looking for Full Length Plays and 30-40 minute productions for lunchtimes. See here


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Hmmmm. I have never written a play. The last play I saw was at the University of Illinois in 1976And yet I feel today will be the day I write a play. Time to kick the hubbie out of the house and brew a pot of coffee

Emerging Writer said...

Go for it Donna. Maybe go and see one soon though!