Sunday, 13 February 2011

Faber Academy

I know a few people who have done the Faber Academy workshops. And I've had other people ask me and others, if it's worth the money. I couldn't say but if anyone wants to do a guest post about it who knows, let me know.

The price has gone down as has the length. This one's in London. As far as I know, the Irish ones cost more, if they go ahead.

There's also an interesting debate on why you would go on a creative writing course here from Elizabeth Baines and Marcel Theroux's view here and Sue Gee here.

What do you think? A route to publication or a money-making exercise?

GETTING STARTED 2011 with Marcel Theroux and Sue Gee
The Faber Academy's hugely successful four month course for new and aspiring writers returns to Bloomsbury House starting 21st February 2011.

What is the point of writing?
Where does a story begin?
What makes a character take up his bed and walk?

These are the vital questions that any new author needs to think about and with the expert guidance of Marcel Theroux and Sue Gee, you will tackle them head on.

And then on to technique: plotting and point of view; developing character, shaping scenes; creating texture through imagery, atmosphere and sense of place; pace, tension, contrast.

As well as weekly sessions, there are two Saturday sessions which run from 10am to 5pm, where you can really get down to the nitty gritty of plotting and character. And on the 21st May, you will be joined by Justin Cartwright, Booker Prize-shortlisted novelist, for an afternoon of inspiring anecdote, writing exercises and invaluable question and answer.

If you have been thinking about writing, but never got around to starting – I wouldn't know where to begin! I simply don't have the time! I can't do it alone! – then it could be that Getting Started is just what you need. Visit the links below for an in-depth discussion on the purpose of creative writing, and the value of having a learning environment to do it in. Because thinking about writing is not writing. Only writing is writing.

When: Classes take place on Monday evenings, between 7pm and 9pm.

Where: At the Bloomsbury offices of Faber and Faber on Great Russell Street, London.

Course cost: £1750. Deposit of £500 due on booking; balance due in two monthly payments of £625 taken March and April.

For more information, or to book, web

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