Thursday, 28 April 2011

Interview with Upstart blogger and writer LA Speedwing

So the elusive and expansive and intrepid blogger and writer LA Speedwing agreed to an interview quid pro quo for mine. 

Welcome to emergingwriter blog, LA.

How did you get involved in upstart?
I read on the website that they were looking for a writer blogger. I jumped on the occasion and applied.

I felt it was a sign. Only 6 months ago, I would have never considered the idea of blogging. But with the new year and the need to break up from the Fantasy Novel I was writing, I created my own blog. I set myself to write an entry post every day and I quickly started to enjoy it, so when I saw that position as a blogger writer for Upstart, I thought to myself :"What a great project! Blogging and promoting arts in Ireland? This is it!"
It seemed like a sudden and wonderful opportunity to me.

What did you want to get out of it yourself?
I wanted to contribute in a small way to do something positive and innovative for the Arts. Also I was looking forward to meet with other writers and get to hear their unique experience on writing. Writing comes in so many forms: novels, poetry, playwriting, song writing, screenwriting, radio script writing. It is interesting to know what every artist gets out of it.
Thanks to Upstart, I have discovered a lot of Poets and I must say the world of Underground Poetry is very active and vibrant in Dublin. I was most impressed by it. The experience was an eye opener for me and I certainly hope to discover the other worlds of writing in Ireland.
In fact if song writers, playwriters, novelists are looking to share their works and views with Upstart, they can contact me.

What are your highlights as far as upstart is concerned so far?
I guess that would be the first night we met with the other Upstart volunteers. Also I had a great time meeting with my first three interviewees who were Sarah Maria Griffin, Anne Tannam and Cliff Horseman and the first poetry underground event I went which was the Glor Session in town. That was an exciting time.

And what events/whatever in the underground poetry movement do you recommend?
If you are looking for experimental poetry, then the Tongue Box in the Cobbler Pub is for you. It is happening every last Tuesday on the month.
If you are looking for a bit of a kick then The Glor Sessions is great. They have a weekly night of music and poetry. It is happening every Monday in the basement of the International Bar.
And last but not least, the Brown Bread Mix tape has a lineup of poets, musicians and comedian and every event is blended to the occasion with a theme. It is happening every Wed of the Month in the Stag's head. Those event usually start around 8.00 p.m but you can check their details on Facebook.

You write, yourself, don't you? What do you write?
I do. Because I liked any forms of writing, at first I tried a little bit of everything. The attempts were far from being successful but I gave a go at writing picture books, one act plays, short stories, poetry before I set my heart on writing this Fantasy Novel for young adults I am writing now. It took me nearly two years to come up with the plot and another full year to write/edit it. I am now at the fun part of writing the synopsis. Another completely different writing exercise  but a necessary one.

What is it about?
It is about an outcast sixteen years old teenage girl who runs away from home and discovers that she has an inner ability to connect with the wind. As she faces all sorts of elemental dangers, she learns how to use her gift and embarks on a journey to self discovery.

And next?
Well I would like it to be a trilogy so I would love to write a sequel. If I get lucky, maybe it will happen.
And apart from all that, I would also love to try my hand at a chick lit novel in the distant and blurry future.

Thanks very much LA and good luck! You can read the Upstart blog here

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