Monday, 18 April 2011

Poetry Mines

We all want to clear landmines, just not personally. But imagine if it was in your back yard.
So why not enter this worthy competition. It has a novel judging process too.

The MAG Poetry Prize prides itself on being a poetic e-democracy, with the entrants themselves judging the competition.

Participants only have to read 12 poems in each round yet the combined effect is very powerful. In the final round everyone reads the last 12. All judging is anonymous. It’s a knockout system in three rounds but beware - if you don’t participate in the judging, your own poem may be knocked out!

Fee: Each entry costs £6 with two pounds going towards the prize fund, which will accumulate up to £10,000 maximum.
First prize will be £2,000 minimum.

The value of the MAG Poetry Prize doesn’t lie in the prize money or even in the winning. The value lies in the evaluation process the participants collectively go through.”

Entries can be on any subject and in any style, and can be Poetry or Prose Poetry up to a maximum of 42 lines.

Deadline: Saturday April 30th 2011.
The judging process will take place in the two months following this deadline.

All profits from the competition will be donated to MAG - the Mines Advisory Group – a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation that clears the remnants of conflict (ie landmines and so on) for the benefit of communities worldwide.

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