Sunday, 24 April 2011

Poem for the Poetry Bus

Nanu is driving the Poetry Bus this week. The theme is Excess. Of Far Too Much. Of Going Over the Edge. See here for other poems.
This one is an insight into my over active imagination.

The Full Experience

As the lights dim, he ambles by,
fumbles in his pocket,
muscles shape his thin shirt,
spicy aftershave,
hair velvet-shorn,
long lean legs, soft leather belt,
and the grace of Fred Astaire.

In another life,
in an other life
I follow him to the foyer.
We scoop five flavours of Ben and Jerry’s
and climb to the projection room.
As the film reels overhead, we sample,
rip off our clothes and make love,
dirty sticky love,
down among the popcorn.

In a life,
in this life
I note him passing,
reach over and squeeze your thigh.
You take my hand,
the music builds, we face the screen.
I prefer the front row for the full experience.


Titus said...

Really enjoyed that! Really, really.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Hmmm. Makes me want to go find my husband in the barn right now

Padhraig Nolan said...

Durty! Bit of a blue movie experience :-)

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Titus. Donna, is he still there? Alone? Off you go. Padhraig, it's all in the mind

Lolamouse said...

Fantasies can be fun, can't they? I really enjoyed this! And thanks for visiting my blog.

Helen said...

Wow! I went to a movie yesterday ~~ 'Water For Elephants' ~~ must say nothing came close to what you have described.

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks for dropping by Lola. Helen, you can make up for it at your next cinema visit!

izzy said...

"velvet" huh ? - yeah I remember someone like that who loved old movies- and photo's, mostly black and white...
Hmmm, I do still miss him sometimes.

Emerging Writer said...

Glad to jump start a memory Izzy

Enchanted Oak said...

The work of a poet is a secret miracle of flashing images and pulling words from air. We have a private life no one need know, especially sometimes the one beside us.

Doctor FTSE said...

This is great stuff. "Down Among the Popcorn" - sounds like a poem/film/pop-song title.

Karen said...

Been there - done that - didn't tell! It's all in the mind, and you've pulled it right out and flashed it before us.

Emerging Writer said...

So Oak, You're saying I shouldn't show it to my husband? Doctor, Karen, I like a bit of a flash

Totalfeckineejit said...

that's a great poem kate

Emerging Writer said...

thanks tfe