Sunday, 24 April 2011


Mindfield have a literary strand. It looks quite good but the prices are 10 Euros for each small event. I think that's mad. Who's going to go to more than one event for that money?

(I'm not sulking because no one asked me to read, honest.)

Actually, anyone I'd really want to see in this list, I've seen before and often for free. Am I on my own in this? So yeah, don't bother. OK?

When: Friday 29th April to Sunday 1st May

Where: Merrion Square, Dublin

Friday 29th April
Arts Council Literary Stage

Literary Death Match
Hosted by Todd Zuniga with Grace Dyas, Philip McMahon, Liam Hourican, Emer Martin and Paddy Toye. €10

Mindfield Pavilion
8–9.30 pm
The Word: Poetry and Slam
Hosted by Marty Mulligan with The Brownbread Mix, Glór Sessions and Tonguebox, featuring Raven, Cah 44, Erin Fornoff, Kalle Ryan, Enda Roche, Stephen James Smith and special guests. €10

Saturday 30th April
Arts Council Literary Stage
1–1.50 pm
New Readers: Gritty Realities
Hosted by Una Mullally with Sheena Wilkinson (Taking Flight), Laura Jane Cassidy (Angel Kiss), Bridget Hourican (The Bad Karma Diaries) and Anna Carey (The Real Rebecca). €10
2–2.50 pm

The Hennessy Literary Awards 40th Anniversary Celebrations
The newly-minted award winners, Eileen Casey, Siobhán Mannion and Afric McGlinchey, introduced by Ciaran Carty. €10
3–3.50 pm

New Departures: Fresh Voices in Irish Fiction
Peter Murphy, Ed O’Loughlin and Mia Gallagher introduced by Derek O’Connor. €10
4–4.50 pm

Rediscovered Women: The Strange Lives of Maeve Brennan and Alice Milligan
Hosted by Anthony Galvin with Dr. Angela Bourke and Dr. Catherine Morris (TCD). €10
5–5.50 pm

A Tale of Two Cities
Readings by Claire Kilroy and Anne Haverty. Introduced by Michael O’Loughlin. €10
6–6.50 pm

John Banville: A reading
Introduced by Anthony Galvin. €10
7–8.15 pm

Publish and Perish? The Future for Printed Media
Featuring Declan Meade (The Stinging Fly), Brendan Barrington (The Dublin Review and Penguin Ireland) and John Ryan ( €10

Sunday 1st May
Mindfield Pavilion
The worldwide phenomenon: Ten speakers, 20 slides each and five minutes to blow your mind. Expect great ideas, entertaining insights and brilliantly concise explanations of everything from trees to genetics; technology to architecture. €10

1.15–2.45 pm

Arts Council Literary Stage

1–1.50 pm
Moods for a May Day: An Hour of Words and Music
Poetry by Dermot Bolger with musical accompaniment by Donnacha and Diarmuid Bolger followed by Carlo Gebler reading from his novel The Dead Eight and discussing the famous 1940s murder that inspired it. €10

2–2.50 pm
John Minihan: Photographing Sam Beckett, Francis Bacon and the last wake in Athy
A rare public conversation and slide show of Ireland’s most famous images by our greatest literary photographer. €10

3–3.50 pm
‘Long Time No See’ and ‘The Fall’
Readings by Dermot Healy and Anthony Cronin. €10

4–4.50 pm
True Survivors: Bald Heads and Beirut
Ferdia McAnna and Brian Keenan in conversation with Dermot Bolger. €10

5–6 pm
‘Foster’ and ‘In This Life’
Readings by Claire Keegan and Michael O’Loughlin. €10

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Totalfeckineejit said...

I'd like to hear the photographer John Minihan, but like you say €10 is mad money!