Sunday, 2 October 2011

I'm a Saturday Women Poet

I have two poems featured on this growing blog, Poethead

The first, Verbatim was originally published in the lovely mag, The Shop. It's kind of a found poem, taken from a (rather oneway) conversation with an elderly women.

The second is about what small children bring home from school (no, not nits, art and craft)

Hope you like them.

They both feature in my new poetry book from The Moth Editions. Buy one here for a bargain 4 Euro including postage.


Rachel Fox said...

'Box full of love'. Heartbreaker!

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Rachel. This poem gets a big "ahhh" when the audience is made up of parents.

Titus said...

Yay and congratulations and I'm looking forward to the book.

And no, there is no snivelling at the back here.

Emerging Writer said...

everyone gets a snivel dispensation, here and now