Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Kilkenny County Council Arts Office 2011 Bursary

Grants season is upon us for some county councils. Check with your local arts office to see if yours is one. Remember many will also give grants to people who are FROM there, not just LIVING there. The only county council I know who give grants to people who only WORK there is Dublin South, who graciously gave me one when I was working there.

Kilkenny County Council Arts Office is now inviting artists working across all art forms (e.g literature) to apply for its Arts Office 2011 Bursary. 

Applications will be accepted from individual creative practitioners working in any art form to enable them to pursue their practice, to develop within their chosen discipline, including research and development, professional development, collaborative projects and activities, multidisciplinary projects and equipment. 

Individuals seeking assistance must be involved in arts activities which, in the opinion of the Arts Office, develop knowledge of the arts and arts practice, their own practice and that of others. They must seek to promote the arts and artists practice to the public and develop an appreciation of the arts and their own practice and that of others. Undertakings should also assist in improving the standards of the arts and arts practice. The Arts Office is encouraging individuals seeking assistance to involve others in their project, to assist and develop collaborative practice and engage with others in the execution of their activity or project.

Dealine: 4pm, Monday 14 November 2011.For all application forms regarding the Bursary please contact:
Niamh Finn, Arts Administrator, Kilkenny County Council Arts Office, No. 76, John Street, Kilkenny.
T: 056 779 4138
E: /
Application forms can also be downloaded from or from

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Totalfeckineejit said...

If it's the arselinks malarkey then probably bursaries are up for grabs in Wicklow, Carlow and Wexford too. But the site seems to have gone, so we may never know! Which might well be a money saving ploy as they (despite many applications including my own poetry bus)kept back most of the money allocated to Wicklow last year much to my annoyance.