Sunday, 30 October 2011

Labello Press & Leonard A. Koval Memorial Prize

The aim of Labello Press is to publish beautiful books, the first of which will be our annual anthology "Gem Street", containing unique, well-written and thought-provoking previously unpublished short stories. 

We are looking for writing with guts and honesty. Humour is appreciated. Simplicity is foremost. Bravery is key.

In conjunction with this publication, we will award the Leonard A. Koval Memorial Prize to the three stories which most reflect the ethos of Labello Press, as stated above. In addtion, we will award prizes to the other eight short-listed stories included in the anthology. 

  • Three short stories will be awarded €275, €150 and €100 respectively.
  • The other eight short-listed stories will be awarded 50 each.
  • And each will receive one complimentary copy of "Gem Street."
Deadline: 31st December 2011
Results are announced - 29th February 2012

For this first annual publication of "Gem Street", Labello Press will accept short stories with a maximum of 12,000 words.  

Submissions are 10.00 per story. 

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Titus said...

The combination of the name and those tubes is really disturbing me.

Emerging Writer said...

who knew there were so many variations...