Friday, 29 June 2012

Liberties Festival Poems of the People

This sounds a little like IPYPIASM. Dropping poetry in public places.  

Poems of the People is an exciting public participation poetry project in association with Litterapture. We’re painting a poetic picture of Ireland and we want you to be a part of it.

The Liberties Festival celebrates with a call to children and adults of all ages, wherever you live, to write and submit their own poem.

Copies of poems will be ‘dropped’ in unexpected places – such as cafés, bus-stops, and parks – in the Liberties area for people to find, to bring a moment of quiet, a smile or a memory to their day, leading up to and throughout the 2012 Festival.

Poems can be on any topic relating to the (very open) theme ‘my Ireland’ and up to approximately 25 lines each. You can submit as many poems as you like. Please include your contact details and age. When ‘dropped’ and otherwise publicised, poems will contain your first name, age and where you’re from, e.g. Mary, aged 68, Dublin 8 or James, aged 9, Dublin 1.

Send us your poem today!

By email: libertiesfestivalpoems @

Litterapture, which has received sponsorship from the Fulbright Alumni Fund, is a global online initiative and poems submitted may also be uploaded to

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