Wednesday, 8 August 2007


I added some statistics to my blog to get an idea of how many people get to my blog. I have now reached my 100th visitor. Open the Champagne! There are an average of 8 visitors a day (not including me) and they stay an average of 1 minute 17 seconds - that's a fast reader! - viewing 2 pages per average each. Considering how many visitors stay for 0 seconds, presumeably automated - that's pretty good going, I think. Not quite enough to make a fortune yet but ...

I called for tickets to the Finsceal 2007 but could get not answer. I emailed and have had no response there either yet. Will have to keep trying. Anyone else had any luck?

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Willie_W said...

A lovely obsession, visitor statistics. I know!

Nice to visit your blog. I've added it to the Favourites.