Saturday, 18 August 2007

Recommended blogs

Here are some websites worth browsing:

Trashonista does book review, no holds barred. If a book is bad, they have no hesitation in letting you know. Worth checking out.They also do author interviews, book news, articles about blogging, all sorts.

Miss Snark is a US agent who tells it like it is, in the US anyway. She has closed the blog now. She felt she had nothing new to say so all her wisdom is to be found in her archives.

And the Guardian books blog is always worth a look. This great article judges the recent Booker Dozen only by the covers.

There's the BBC Writers' Room. The BBC pays well once you're in.

Ask About Writing is a website with news and information for Irish based writers of all flavours. Updated weekly.

Notes from the Slush pile seems to be dormant too, unfortunately. Notes on trying to get published in children's books.

Author! Author is a practical blog about the writing life. Again US based.

Are there any UK/Irish ones I'm missing?


econgirl said...

I do love the guardian book blog, and could happily spend the day there on occasions; it's the comments that make it really though :)

Emerging Writer said...

The comments on the guardian blog can be fascinating. Sometimes though they can get too personal or vindictive. Susan Hill, the writer and Long Barn publisher, used to run an annual competition for a first novel but has stopped this year after getting so many nasty comments when she and the other judges announced their decision. This is just emerging writers shooting themselves in the foot.

Claire said...

Hiya - big fan and occasional contributor to Trashionista here... and the girls are lovely!

Gerard Beirne said...

You could do worse than check out Dead Beat

Dead Beat -

Award winning Irish writer offers writing thoughts and advice - author of The Eskimo in the Net (Marion Boyars Publishers) shortlisted for 2004 Kerry Group Irish Fiction Award - selected by Lit Editor of Daily Express as his Book of the Year 2004 - "scandalously ignored by the Man Booker judges..." author of Sightings of Bono - adapted for film featuring Bono.

Carolina said...

This is another interesting Blog to check out!

James and Pamela said...

I stumbled across and found it pretty funny.

The funniest blog out there, in my opinion is