Tuesday, 28 August 2007

More Writing (and Reading) Blogs

Here are some more reading and writing websites worth browsing. I know I should spend more time writing and less time reading about writing!

Grumpy Old Bookman is always worth a browse.

The Penguin Blog is refreshingly personal.

Writing Neuroses is another great read from Brighton.

Fifth Estate another UK publishers is worth a dip.

The Bookseller has a number of interesting blogs.

Me and My Big Mouth blogs about books in general.

Louise Doughty's column in the Telegraph. A Writer's Year.

What Sarah said next aka I will write my book (and not spend all the time blogging!)

Cally Taylor's writing spot

Any more?


Sarah*G* said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. you are right you know. i should do more writing and less time blogging. i am sat here now meaning to do writing and i have spent about an hour doing a bit and then just looking at the screen, i think i have edited out more than i have added! oh well. on i continue!

Kate Hyde said...

Thanks for the nice mention of 5th Estate. I love the subject of yr blog too. B.T.W: I'm currently working on a project to make the whole manuscript submissions/slushpile process fairer and speedier - and which will hopefully get a lot more new writers published here at HarperCollins - so I'll keep reading your blog. Cheers,
Kate (Editor of 5th Estate)

Emerging Writer said...

The project sounds really interesting Kate. Please keep us updated.