Wednesday, 15 August 2007

More Rejections

Oh yes. Here we go again. Another rejection from Hodder Ireland. The editor kept it for an extra two weeks beyond the date my agent requested though and had others in the office reading it, so I have to take that as positive. She also asked to see it again when rewritten and will send an email with some bullet point comments as guidance. She mentioned she found bits confusing, which is worrying. I'm so close to the book now, and obviously know what's going to happen, I can't see any confusion.

Feeling very low.

Also have had to bite the bullet and take a 3 month contract job for the money. Mortgage rates being what they are. I hate the idea of the commute, the hours in an office environment and time away from writing and reading. The whole family will have to adapt to the new regime too. I foresee tears (probably mine)

The worst thing is I have to cancel my week in Annaghmakkerig as it is right at the start of the contract. The house is closed from the end of October to January so little chance of a late respite and I was really looking forward to going.

Have a week now to beef up the book as best I can for sending out in the next round.

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