Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Arts Council

Reminder - the arts council bursaries deadline is fast approaching: Thursday 27 November 2008 at 5.30pm.

It is planned that all applications received prior to the closing date will receive a decision in February 2009. The closing date for round 2 will be in April 2009.

The purpose of an Arts Council bursary is to support professional artists at all stages in their careers and in the development of their arts practice. The aim of the award is to allow artists, working in any context or in any artform, to buy space and freedom to concentrate on a body of work and provide the equipment, facilities and third party expertise to develop practice. Recipients can receive up to a maximum of €15,000 per year through the Bursary award. A number of multi-annual bursaries, which offer artists funding for up to a three-year period, are available each year.

Remember, the Arts Council grant is slashed by 10% in the budget and almost certainly more next year so get in early.

Remember also, the proportion of money that goes to the literary side seems unbalanced so let's correct that with a slew of applications.

Another thing the arts council are doing is running an interesting conference New Media, New Audience?
Tuesday 25 November in Dublin Castle.
(So any artist with a full time job will struggle to go)

"to explore the ways in which artists and the public are adapting and adopting new ways of producing, presenting and promoting the arts."


BarbaraS said...

Thanks for the reminder. One problem, no forms accessible until the 10th of November... s'going to be a bit of melee!

Peter Goulding said...

Never been sure about the justification of a bursary for a writer. Painters, sculptors etc I can understand the need for space, materials etc But unless they are going to recompense me for taking six months off work or by sending my wife and kids on holiday for six months, its hard to think of a justification for the money.
Maybe this explains the dearth of literary grants?

Emerging Writer said...

Hi Peter,

Time is what the money buys. Most writers have a day job or a rich spouse/daddy. For those of us with neither, the time is invaluable. Plus printer ink isn't cheap! And maybe we could afford the Faber academy then