Monday, 3 November 2008


I haven't seen this mentioned in many places so perhaps the chances of winning will be greater.

Grist is a new annual anthology of the best new writing from around the world published by the University of Huddersfield. The judges for this year's competition are Joanne Harris (short fiction) and Simon Armitage (poetry). Focussing on poetry and short fiction, each issue will feature the winners of the Grist annual poetry and short fiction competitions, as well as specially commissioned work from some of the best established writers. Grist is interested in fresh new voices with something to say.

Deadline: 30 November 2008
Entry Fee: £3
Prize: 3 overall winners will receive a cash prize (how much?). The three winners and all runners up will be published in the next issue of Grist
What: Short story up to 3,500 words. See website for other conditions
Poem up to 40 lines. See website for other conditions

Don't you just love Simon Armitage? I'd invite him to my dinner party too.


Delighted Scribbler said...

This is great. Thanks for posting it!

Emerging Writer said...

Hi DS, thanks for dropping by. When you win, you'll have to thank me in your accceptance speech!

Emerging Writer said...

Just sent some poems out to this. No idea when to expect the results from the website.

Emerging Writer said...

Shortlist posted here

Emerging Writer said...


Short Fiction:
1st - Indigo Runway by Jess Richards (£250 plus £150 book tokens)
2nd - Martin in a Hole by Brindley Hallam Dennis (£150 plus £100 book tokens)
3rd - Stinky by Ben Cheetham (£100 plus £50 book tokens)

1st - The Birdbath's Saying 'Dive' by Jonathan Asser (£250 plus £150 book tokens)
2nd - The Fishing Trip by Hilary J Murray (£150 plus £100 book tokens)