Thursday, 6 November 2008

Some Results

TLS Poetry Competition 2008
The shortlisted poems, 12 out of 3,000, are available for your persual. Readers may vote for their favourite poem, identifying it by the letter affixed to its title; they may also offer a second choice, which will gain half marks in the adjudication. Votes must be in by December 5th.

The Arvon International Poetry Competition 2008
The results are out.

Classic FM First Prize - Peter Daniels with Shoreditch Orchid £5000
Second Price - Giles Goodland with Serpent £2500
Third Prize - Thomas Lynch with Mr President £1000

Commendation - Alan Stubbs with a philosophical provocation
Commendation - Frances Thompson with Letter
Commendation - Frances Leviston with Story

See a review of the night here.

Bill Naughton Short Story Competition
1st - ‘Cry of Koobaburra,’ by Mary D’Arcy;
2nd - ‘Soft on Crime,’ by Anne Gerardine Mould;
3rd - ‘Pension Plan’, by John McAllister

Attleborough poetry competition

Winner: “Rite of Passage”, by Jerrold Creger
- On Jackson’s Bridge Lock – Peter Goulding
- Parc Monceau – Jennifer Behan
- Writer’s Block – Seamus Harrington
- Balance – Sheila Roe
- Derrygimla – Brendan Carey Kinane
- Lightning Strikes Twice – Raymond Portley
- Descent Into Blue – Karyl Wagner
- Jefferson – Declan Keavney
- High Time – Eleanor Sheedy


Peter Goulding said...

One of the poetry competitions I entered during the summer I completely forgot about, heard nothing, assumed the usual etc. It was only while idly googling my name - a vanity I perform occasionally - that I found I'd been shortlisted - No-one got in touch and I'd never have known! It has had me double checking back over all the other competitions I heard nothing back from (though with no success!)

Emerging Writer said...

Congrats Peter. I added the results in case someone else missed them.