Sunday, 23 November 2008

More Literary Magazines

Many more magazines reviewed and linked to at Laura Hird's wonderful LitMag Central.

and here on New hope international review are reviews of some magazines you may or may not have heard of or seen.

Chimera magazine publishes some wonderful names in poetry and prose. Submit by post to France or email.

Erbacce magazine isn't accepting submissions until January 2009. They have a competition

iota publish poems. Send 6 by email or snailmail. Expect an answer within 3 months.

New Leaf is from the English department of Bremen University. Email.

Australian Mascara Poetry accepts submissions by email.

Purple Patch publishes poetry and short prose but the website is 2 years out of date. In 2006 it won awards. Snailmail.

Reach Magazine publishes a monthly poetry magazine featuring new and established small press poets.

The Reader is based in Liverpool and publishes poetry, prose and other articles.

Read This is the official Creative Writing magazine of the English Literature Department of the University of Edinburgh and is aimed at young, new and emerging writers.

The Seventh Quarry is a literary magazine in Swansea.

Sirena is a dual-language magazine that publishes in Spanish and English.

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