Sunday, 2 November 2008

What to send with a submission

This from Eoin Purcell posted after a new title meeting.
Most of these are new to me and I hadn't considered them before.

1. Give your place of birth, current residence and profession in your covering letter. Place of birth to extend sales to local book stores.
2. Write a tag line, the one used to sell your book to all and sundry.
3. Include an image (of yourself) for marketing.
4. Know what genre you fit in to. Makes it easier to sell.
5. If your editor accepts digital submissions, send them digitally.


Misssy M said...

How weird- you comment on my blog for the first time- I pop over to say hello and then I see a post on the very thing I've just spent all morning doing; sending out submissions.

Never thought of a photo though...may consider adding one now.

Emerging Writer said...

It's all a bit twilight zone, Misssy. Love your blog btw