Wednesday, 22 April 2009

2009 Commonwealth Short Story Competition

The 2009 Commonwealth Short Story Competition which "exists to increase understanding between and appreciation of different Commonwealth cultures, to showcase the rich diversity of the Commonwealth and to support rising literary talents" is now open.

There are 26 winners chosen with the overall winner receiving £2,000 and regional prizes awarded of £500. The chosen stories are broadcast on radio stations across the Commonwealth.

Stories must be up to 600 words and can be on any subject. Entrants are welcomed from all Commonwealth countries - but stories must be writen in English- , all ages and amateur and professional writers alike. Open to all people who are citizens of a Commonwealth country.

You can enter up to three stories by email.

Deadline: May 11th 2009.

They tend to go for stories with local colour. You can listen to previous winners at the website.


Eimear said...

I saw this but wondered if Ireland qualified as Commonwealth!

Emerging Writer said...

Not since 1948 was it? I have the right passport (currently out of date though...)