Saturday, 18 April 2009

Travel Writing

Itchy feet? Take your pen with you and write an 800 word article on travel. 1st prize a trip to Colombia. 2nd prize is a travel writing course in Spain. 8 shortlisted pieces will also be published.

Bradt Travel Guide and the Independent on Sunday have a competition here. Looks like they are looking for authentic traveller stories rather than touristy anecdotes. Meeting the locals and eating their food, not visiting churches and lounging on beaches.

You should read the winning entries for the last two years to get an idea of what they are looking for. In 2007 there were only 340 entries.

Deadline: 15th May 2009

There are two categories, published and unpublished (as in never have been paid for any piece of writing published on paper or on the internet - fairly wide reaching this one)


Peter Goulding said...

And where is the picture Kate? Colombia? Pretty spectacular, wherever it is.

Emerging Writer said...

It's Colombia. Looks amazing. It's not my photo.