Thursday, 9 April 2009

Some Canadian Literary Magazines

Antigonish Review is from Canada. I have a softspot for Canadians. Maybe they'll have a soft spot for me. Poetry $30 plus 2 issues. Submit 3-4 poems. Fiction $100 plus 2 issues.
They say SASE with international reply coupons, which they don't sell anymore in Ireland, or Canadian postage. Yeah right.

They also say

We respond to rejected submissions with suggestions when we can, particularly if we are asked to do so and particularly with new or young writers, and the closer the writer is to us geographically, Canadian, American, or other, the more trouble we take. Long stories may displace several shorter pieces, so the longer the story the higher its quality should be as there is less chance we will read it through and less chance we will respond with a critique.

Other Canadian magazines that accept international submissions, though many say Canadian will predominate, which is fair enough.
The Malahat Review,
The New Quarterly,
Room (A Space of Your Own),
Arc Poetry,
Contemporary Verse,
Misunderstandings magazine,
Carousel Magazine,
Prism International,
The Fiddlehead,
Nashwaak Review
Geist Ideas and Culture
Windsor Review

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