Saturday, 25 July 2009

Best Beach Books

NPR , National Public Radio, slightly higher brow than Radio 4 I'd say, via Nathan Branford literary Agent are collating the best beach books ever. With a US bias but no harm there. The criteria are for a good read that takes you out of your environment, keeps you turning pages, doesn't disintegrate if you drop it in the pool, has handy ridges for collecting sand and is both olive oil and sun cream factor 40 proof. And fiction only so one of my favourite's Bill Bryson has to be left behind at home, waving sadly out of the window as we drive away.

You can vote for 10 of the 100 shortlist at NPR. The results are shown 29th July.

What's on your list?
What's on your list that's not on their list?

What about of the top of my head:
Bernard Cornwell, William Boyd, Marian Keyes, David Mitchell, all gripping reads

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