Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Travel Acts of Kindness

Write in 100 words about a time when travelling in a developing country, you experienced an act of kindness. Read some of the entries to get an idea the type of story. Try not avoid saccharine.


Deadline: 22 July 2009
The competition from Global Giving I think is more to raise awareness.

Enter the 'Acts of Kindness' Travel Competition

To enter, simply spend five minutes telling us about an 'Act of Kindness' that you have experienced whilst travelling by adding your story below (in no more than 100 words).

Prizes: A lucky winner will win a trip for two to visit a GlobalGiving project in a country of their choice. 10 runners up will win goody bags containing a selection of prizes including travel gear.

8 out of 10 Brits have experienced an 'Act of Kindness' whilst travelling. Tell us your story below.

Were you lost and someone gave you directions?
Were you invited to a local event or festivity?
Did you receive a gift?
Did your vehicle break down and someone helped you?
Did you receive an impromptu local tour?

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