Sunday, 5 July 2009

Writing Advice

Some very good advice on being a writer from Poetry Scotland includes:

Always beat deadlines. If they want it yesterday - send it to them tonight. Utter reliability of the copy arriving, and you will be asked again.

Never write ill of anyone. It will come home to roost.

Think laterally, and act on hunches. Sending things to unlikely sources may pay off, and can only make you friends. Specialist journals may take poems on their
subjects, for instance.

Balance paid work with gains in profile. Magazines that take unpaid poetry may bring you other opportunities.

Paid work and status are not the same. Nearly all payments for poetry come from the government, directly or indirectly. You don't get paid by the readers. You
may be able to earn money for greetings card verses but you wont earn respect from other poets for this. (not sure I agree with this. Other writers will be well aware that sometime you have to do stuff for money)

Turn up at writers events. Be seen.

Don't knock your head on brick walls. If they turn you down three times, go elsewhere.

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Glynis said...

Sounds like good advice to me!