Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Arguments on Funding for the Arts

Read this from Michael O' Loughlin in the Poetry Ireland news.

"The arts are not educational. The arts are not good for your health. They are not an economic activity...Art is the enemy of culture, in the sense that culture is always something dead, something safe, something which has been assimilated. Art on the other hand, should retain the element of danger..."

then go to this

On Wednesday 1st December the Irish Writers' Centre presents an open panel discussion on how the current economic climate is affecting modern writing in Ireland. Panellists from many areas across the Arts Sector will join together under one roof to discuss the impending budget and its possible effect on modern and aspiring writers as well as the dwindling number of arts organisations across the country.
The discussion will be chaired by poet Michael O' Loughlin, co-founder of Raven Arts Press. O’ Loughlin will be joined by The Sunday Business Post’s Books and Arts Editor Nadine O’Regan, Sean Love, co-founder of Fighting Words and former Amnesty Ireland director, Gavin Kostick award-winning playwright, literary officer for Fishamble and Gerry Smyth, Managing Editor of the Irish Times and celebrated poet.

The discussion will begin at 7pm and is open to the general public.


Totalfeckineejit said...

More crass fucking bullshit from the establishment, via the establishment, whose duplicitousness astounds me.Disingenuos to the core the establishment bay for more blood for themselves.They wouldn't know real art, or need, or necessity if it bit them in the arse. Which it should, and will!

THe Mansion House, My ARSE!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Or is it duplicity? I don't know, I'm drunk angry and thick.

Titus said...

I thought the post was interesting, and now I've read TFE it's all become fascinating.