Thursday, 18 November 2010

Willesden Herald Short Story

Another round for the lovely people in Willesden. A prestigious, quirky competition.
Website here. Register online

Fee: £3 One entry per person only.

Deadline: 7 December 2010

Judge: Maggie Gee has agreed to choose the winning entry. Although they are filtered to an anonymous longlist...

Word limit this year: 7,500. A lot longer than many.

The prizes for 2011 are:

1st place: £300 plus a one-off Willesden Herald mug inscribed "The Willesden Short Story Prize 2011"

2nd: 2 x £150 (two runners-up)

All ten shortlisted stories will be included in "New Short Stories 5" to be published by Pretend Genius Press.

Author compensation for inclusion in New Short Stories is limited to 2 complimentary copies of the anthology.


Brigid said...

I used to live in Willesden a long time ago, this looks like a good one.
Thanks Kate for all your links, I find your site really helpful, thanks for all the info.

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks for your kind words Brigid

Ossian said...

Thanks for the plug. It's an open goal at the moment so get those stories to me. If you want to know the type and quality the competition aspires to just read some of the stories in the Guardian summer fiction special or elsewhere on the Guardian site. They have two of our previous winning stories online there, by the way. I know it's asking a lot but you wouldn't want it any other way. I'm looking for writers who can slug it out with Kevin Barry and allcomers. So send your best.