Friday, 12 November 2010

Art/Writing Talks

This sounds interesting.
The Art/Writing Talks are a series of three exploratory talks, panel discussions of invited speakers, curated by Fiona Fullam and funded by the Arts Council.
The Art/Writing Talks consider and explore the intersection of art and writing. What forms can art-writing take and how and where can this kind of work be disseminated? Art-writing could be said to include critical writing, reviews, related theoretical or philosophical writing, art-writing – which links the visual and the textual, and also textual visual art. Where and what are the links between these and what kinds of knowledge can be produced at these points of intersection? What could be lost or gained in moving beyond conventional discursive approaches into using visual and textual material? Are notions of authorship affected by the interdisciplinary nature of this kind of work?
These discussions aim to bring together writers, art practitioners and art-writers for a public exchange of ideas and endeavour to investigate and develop a range of ways of reading or responding to and discussing such work, both individually and collaboratively.
The talks take place at The Dock, Carrick-On-Shannon, Co Leitrim, at Spike Island in Bristol and at The Goethe Institute, Dublin.
The Dock -13th November, 2pm: Art/Writing: Writers, Writing and Exhibition-Making.Speakers are David Berridge, Declan Long and Tine Melzer.
Spike Island – 27th November, 2pm: Art/Writing: Text and Context.Speakers are Daniel Jewesbury, Tamarin Norwood and Jesse Jones.
The Goethe Institute – 11th December, 2pm: Art/Writing: Place and Possibility.Speakers are Maria Fusco, Maeve Connolly.
Art/Writing is curated by Fiona Fullam.

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