Monday, 14 May 2012

Dún a Rí Forest Park

OK I know this is very late notice but I thought I'd blogged about this before. Sorry...

Cavan Arts Office has launched a short story competition inspired by the magic of Dún a Rí Forest Park, Kingscourt, County Cavan. Do you have what it takes to enter? There’s a chance to win €500!

Cavan Arts Office is searching for a short story that will bring the magic of Dún a Rí Forest Park alive. It is looking for stories that are inspired by the Forest and also by the Public Art pieces themselves. In essence, the Arts Office is searching for someone to write a modern fairytale that has its origins in the Irish tradition of storytelling and folklore. It is hoped that the winining story will be a modern-day legend that comments on contemporary Irish society as well as drawing upon the myths and history of the Dún a Rí Forest Park.
Literary compositions are judged on their technical merit; however artistic expression is our core criterion. We are looking for writing with a strong, clear voice by authors who are daring, original and unafraid to take risks. Other aspects such as relevance to the context are also taken into consideration.

The winning story will be published in e-book format and formally launched in August 2012.

Prize: The winner will also be awarded €500 and a commemorative scroll.

Deadline: All entries must be submitted on-line by 4pm on Thursday 17th May 2012.

Entries must be from emerging, unpublished writers. - OK what does that mean?

more digging finds this:

You must be an emerging writer and have not yet published any previous work, (excluding magazine articles, anthologies, ezines, self-published work)  

I think this excludes me then. 

The work can be no longer that 2,000 words

Spoken Word or Fiction.

Free to enter

More here

Point to think about. This is not well publicised so the number of entries may be low.

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