Monday, 7 May 2012

Festival of the Fires

The Hill of Uisneach - a magical place. More magical and fun every year. We kicked off on Natasha's Living Food Stage.

Where we launched into our foody, drinkie, luscious set. It's a lovely stage, tent two or three times bigger than last year with cushions and yummy raw food.
Then we went for a meander about the site and caught up with some bands and food and art and the lovely man at the chips and coffee van.

This craftsman was here last year and here's the weathered face he did then.
Here's the lovely head, all a little mother earth. I hug trees in private myself.

We tracked down the legendary secret stage behind the lake and drew in the crowds quite successfully for our second reading - an acerbic feminist set . Note Diva Babe below reaching for the all important Diva fuel (Gordons and tonic in a can) And then, OMG, here we are actually named on the festival T-Shirt. The fame! I bought a hoodie, very toasty for the chilly evening. 
Off to see some more bands - impressed with Bressie, a generous home coming.

And finally the fire parade and fires. There's something enjoyably primeval about bonfires.



It looks FAB, Kate :)

Emerging Writer said...

It's a lovely, family friendly festival. You should try to get there next year. We rocked too!