Thursday, 17 May 2012

Yeovil prize

This competition is unusual in that it includes the novel.
  • Entries may have appeared online but may not have been published in any commercial online form (e.g. in a journal or magazine, or as a publication requiring payment to access.)
You have to be careful these days as come competitions insist that entries may not have appeared online.
  • The word count for the Short Story category is 2,000 words. All genres accepted.
  • In the Poetry category each poem should have a maximum of 40 lines.
  • Novel entries must have a synopsis, and either the first three chapters, or, the first (up to) 15,000 words, whichever is relevant. Do not exceed the combined word count of 15,000 words. 
Judges for 2012.
Sophie Hannah , who is the author of many books for children, collections of poetry and several psychological crime novels, will judge the Novel category
Sue Freestone, who has a wealth of experience in the publishing world, will judge our Short Story category
Multi-talented Louis de Bernières, who writes poetry, novels and short stories, will judge our Poetry category.

Category 1 Novel - The Betty Bolingbroke-Kent Award Great opportunity for creative writers Excellent cash prizes
Requirement : Synopsis and Opening Chapters (combined maximum 15,000 words)
Prizes : 1st £1000 2nd £250 3rd £100
Entry Fee : £11

Category 2 Short Story Requirement : maximum 2,000 words
Prizes 1st £500 2nd £200 3rd £100
Entry Fee : £6

Category 3 Poetry Requirement : maximum of 40 Lines
Prizes : 1st £500 2nd £200 3rd £100
Entry Fee : £6 ; £9 for 2 ; £11 for 3

Deadline: 31 st May 2012
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