Saturday, 26 May 2012

Wine and Poetry

Wine and poetry go together like bread and cheese, like penguins and icebergs, like sunshine and cutgrass.
So get to Maynooth, Carton  House Golf Club Bar where there will be tastings of about ten wonderful wines, diverse in origin, taste and price. Interspersed with some 
wine inspired poetry from three award winning poets.
Iggy McGovern, a fantastic, witty poet from Coleraine, published by Dedalus Press, also a physics professor at Trinity, and Eleanor Hooker, a thoughtful poet in full control of all her words from North Tipperary, published by Dedalus Press and a lifeboat helm and Kate Dempsey, a Maynooth based poet who reads her poetry at events and festivals all over Ireland, published by Moth Editions.
It’s Thursday 31st May, at 8pm in Carton House Golf Club Bar.  

All welcome.
€10 in.
You can pay on the day.

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