Thursday, 13 December 2007

Christmas Dreams

I went to a literary Christmas dinner last night in town. It was quite literary at the start but degenerated somewhat...!
I had half an hour to kill so went to Marks And Spensers. It doesn't feel like Christmas if you haven't been to M&S and I hadn't been in ages. So I was in the changing rooms, the only one in any cubicle and over the tannoy came "The store is now closed; The Store is now closed" in a sepulchral voice. I was completely naked at the time.
Lights started going out. I had visions of being locked in M&S for the night, missing the dinner and the kids not noticing I never got home! I went out in record time (getting up at the time I do these winter mornings means I am an expert at dressing in record breaking time) The store was still kind of open, assitant milling around talking about going to the pub.
I said to the sales assistant, "I thought I'd get locked in. It wouldn't be so bad," she said. "There's some really nice pyjamas on sale and a food hall downstairs." With all those M&S ads on the telly, selling food as sex, that woud be like a wet dream, locked in M&S foodhall overnight!
Happy Mince pies!



How funny! I think I might try this - a sort of Christmas present to myself!

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Just thought I would introduce my blog, before I set it up I had been an avid reader of yours for quite some time.

Very informative and funny : )

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