Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Writing exercise

I've been researching some new ideas for writing workshops in anticipation of some teaching early next year. This exercise works as well for kids as for grown ups.

The word waiter
Brian Moses once write a poem along this line that involved a 'word waiter' who could serve up only a certain number of words. This can be used for short burst writing, haiku, letters or news items. The randomness of the selection adds a challenging edge that often forces creativity beyond the predictable. The word waiter might serve up a character, place and dilemma for storytelling. Here are some possible starters - but ask the participants and add many more ingredients!

Character Place Dilemma
woodcutter hairdressers finds an alien
farmer station loses money
princess bus stop finds a cave
adventurer cinema sees a fight
heroine castle kitchen is trapped
Billy old bridge steals something
Jo chip shop is chased
teacher wooden tower gets lost

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Cailleach said...

Now this looks interesting, EM - I'l swing by later on and take a closer look. Hope to meet you at a PI event soon - or any other writing events for that matter!