Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Some UK Poetry Magazines

Start your new year resolution early, you know, the one about sending out more.

Cadenza accepts poetry and short stories. They also have competitions. For the next competition, the editor, Zoe King says
Whenever I read through a batch of stories entered into the Cadenza competitions, it strikes me that the same errors or weaknesses show themselves time and time again. There were several stories in the September competition which saddened me because with minor fixes, they could have been contenders for the shortlist, and/or the prizes.

In future competitions, I will be selecting five or six stories which fit that criteria, and examining them to see how and where they might be made stronger. I will then write about the process in the hope of enabling writers to improve their work. Entrants who don't want their stories to receive 'The Cadenza Treatment' should say so when entering, otherwise I will assume permission and do the necessary work. Although titles of works will be included in the resultant feature, I won't be revealing author names.

Erbacce, a small press is always looking for new writers. Check out their warning page on vanity presses. Wise words.

Frogmore Papers have been publishing since 1983. They publish twice a year and say
Poems where the form drives the meaning are unlikely to find favour.
Poems written by people who clearly haven't read any poetry since Wordsworth will not find favour.
Prose may be experimental or traditional, but is unlikely to be accepted if it's either very experimental or very traditional.

They have an annual competition, deadline end of May. You can read previous winners to get an idea of the standard.

Magma accepts submissions by email and post.

Mslexia. Writing for women. Highly recommended magazine. Check for forth coming themes. Annual competition for short stories and poetry, deadline 25 April 2008.

Orbis looks for 4 poems or prose by letter or 2 poems or prose by email from overseas.

The Rialto is a serious poetry mag, always looking for new writing. Submit by post. Response within 10 weeks. Pays.

Ugly Tree is looking for online submissions only. Response within 6 weeks.


PJ Nolan said...

Nice round-up, ta! Best of luck with your submissions in 2008!


This is really useful,thanks - I'm planning to submit to Cadenza in the new year, so I must make sure I'm up to scratch!