Saturday, 29 December 2007

How not to lose a competition

These comments are from the Milton Keynes Speakeasy competition. They didn't have that many entries so may be worth checking out next time it comes around.

Short Stories
Generally how to get in the 'No' pile:
Don't follow the rules, e.g. single spacing, use a small/ excessively large font size, use a wierd font type, exceed the word count
Don't have enough tension, reason to turn the page
Ramble around for a while before getting to the point
Be predictable
Use loads of characters, preferably with similar names
Remain unremittingly bleak throughout.

Use a lazy/boring title
Forget about punctuation (not sure I agree with this 100%)
Thou wilt use archaisms
Start with a form but then drift out of it
Repeat yourself, I said repeat
Use metaphors and similes that everyone knows
Be Obscure for the sake of it

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