Thursday, 14 February 2008

Arts Council Commissions Award Decisions

Commissions award decisions round 2 (2007)

The Commissions award encourages creative partnerships between a diverse range of commissioners and artists. It provides valuable opportunities for artists and organisations to work together. The aim of this award is to foster the creation of new work, encourage dynamic proposals for repertoire renewal and to build artistic networks and artistic relationships between artists and commissioners. It also aims to encourage new types of commissioners and to promote greater diversity in the opportunities available to artists.
The Arts Council received 77 applications for the Commissions award in round 2 of 2007, of which 31 have been offered funding. The total amount of funding offered for this round of Commissions is €196,630.

So why are none of them involved in literature? Did none apply? They're all music, dance, film, theatre and visual arts.



It is bizarre isn't it? I can only assume they don't consider writers to be "artists" I wonder if it's worth querying?

Emerging Writer said...

I don't know how open the arts council would be about the process or the number of artists who apply from each discipline but it would make interesting reading. From this distance, the numbers looked skewed. How many writers do you know who support themselves on writing alone? They all (except the Marian Keyes of the world) have other jobs, librarians, teachers, council workers or rich partners. Why should visual artists take all the tax payers dosh?