Monday, 4 February 2008


Have you seen the film Once? Find it. Watch it.

Glen Hansard is up for an Oscar for his song "Falling Slowly," which they've now decided WAS written for the movie. Anyway, the point was the protagonist was just faffing around with his busking and song writing and waiting for his girlfriend to come back, until he got a good kick up the bum and got on and did what he was just talking about.

It reminds me of the ad where a group of Middle Englanders are talking about a couple who chucked it in to go traveling.

"I'd go tomorrow," says one man.
"You said that yesterday," say a woman. (I'm guessing it was his wife.)

(But it's easier for people without dependents, children, mortgages or other commitments. Should you have to starve to be a real writer? No. So give me a grant. Pretty please.)

Once I rear my children, I'll start writing my poetry.
Once I make enough money, I'll jack in my boring job and make music.
Once I've read every book under my bed, I'll finish that play.
Once I've cleaned the kitchen, I'll send out that short story.
Once I've written up my blog, I'll edit my novel.
Once I've made my mark in this job, I'll move home to Belfast.

So stop faffing around, as Nike say, just do it. Intelligent Risk Taking.



I have heard good things about this film, and will definitely be watching it in the very near future!

Emerging Writer said...

Watch it before the Oscars so you feel more of a warm fuzzy feeling when they sing (and hopefully win)