Wednesday, 13 February 2008

More shortlisted Oxfam Poets

Here are some of the other poets shortlisted for the Oxfam poetry in 2004 by Oxfam poet in residence Todd Swift. They didn't tell me and I just only found out when ego-surfing so maybe other shortlisted poets will spot their own names the same way.

You can download the pamphlet Poems for a Better Future here. All sales went to the Oxfam Sudan Crisis relief fund.

The winners were Isobel Dixon, Roisin Tierney and Katy Evans-Bush.

Honorable Mentions:
Robert Davidson,
Jen Hadfield,
Pam Moolman (is this the lady who married Joe Strummer?),
Emma Phillips,
Maureen Weldon.

Other shortlisted poets:
Philip Burton,
Matt Bryden,
Aisling Byrne,
Helen Chapman,
Lorna Collins,
Claire Crowther,
Kate Dempsey,
Frank Dullaghan,
Carrie Etter,
Wendy French,
Annie Freud,
Jan Harris,
Emily Hinshelwood,
Sarah James,
Richard Tyrone Jones,
Emma Katono,
Mark Leech,
Jo Mazelis,
Helen Moore,
Mary M Robertson,
Jude Rosen,
Philip Wilson,
Jules Webster,
Andrew Youngson,
Attila the Stockbroker.

What an interesting mix.

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