Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Oxfam Poetry

Oxfam has been linked with poetry for years now. They organise some great sounding poetry readings in the UK with some of the greatest names in poetry.

They have produced a CD called Lifelines which you can by in the shops or online in their ebay shop.

They have an annual competition to produce a calendar with 12 poems, 6 by established writers and 6 by (dare I say it) emerging writers. You can buy this years from Oxfam.

But here's the thing. I entered this competition for 2004 and never heard anything. While doing a little ego-surfing (I know, I know) I found I was shortlisted and appeared in a pamphlet. THEY NEVER TOLD ME. This was 4 years ago. I'm speechless.



How odd, that they didn't let you know! Nice surprise though. I didn't know about the poetry readings - I'm going to look out for the CD :o)

Emerging Writer said...

I know. I was thinking, I'd put in all the names in the shortlist in case some others weren't informed too and they'd ego-surf themselves.