Thursday, 7 February 2008

Stinging Fly Submissions

The Stinging Fly is accepting submissions until 31st March. They say:

We are looking for writers who have something to say, and who have taken the time to say it well. We've a particular interest in promoting the short story form.

Send to: The Stinging Fly, PO Box 6016, Dublin 8. Include an SAE or they can respond by email if an email is given.
No multiple submissions.
Max 2 short stories and/or 4 poems.
Max for a short story is around 3,000 words, give or take. They welcome longer poems.

Editor: Declan Meade
Poetry Editor: Eabhan Ní Shúileabháin

This time around, they are also looking for submissions to a special issue of the magazine that will celebrate and explore erotic writing.
Submissions for this special issue should be marked for the attention of Sean O'Reilly and posted to PO Box 6016, Dublin 8 to arrive on or before Friday, 14 March 2008.

I feel interest rising already. I wonder how sales will be affected by the subject matter?



Wentworth Miller...oh my lord, I need to go and have a lie down!

If interest doesn't, er, rise after looking at that photo, there's something very wrong!

Emerging Writer said...

Oo, I know. I was torn between Wentworth and George (Clooney) I'm just waiting for an appropriate blog for Mr Clooney now...

Emerging Writer said...

P.S. I imagine competition will be stiff! (sorreee)

Emerging Writer said...

From the editor:
We had intended that this summer's issue (vol 2, no.10) would be the erotic issue, but we have held off on this as it has or may have become a separate entity, to be published in paperback form perhaps somewhere down the line. I'm sorry that I can't say when this will be but or if it will happen at all, but we will be sending out rejection notices soon, and I have sent some out already. So the longer you don't hear anything on this the better, however, nothing can be guaranteed.