Sunday, 3 February 2008

Irish Blogs Awards (and Belfast)

I've just found out this blog has been nominated for the Best Arts & Culture blog for the 2008 Irish Blog Awards. How cool is that?! Someone, actually a couple of people mentioned it at the reading in Belfast. Yes, I was outed as the emerging writer. Thanks for reading and commenting but keep my identity quiet please. Someone might want to hire me one day.

I'm up against the rather delicious and eminant Sigla blog, and Poetry from the Margins amongst others. many of which I have yet to stumble over. Also nominated for the best blog
along with only 136 others...

My, Belfast, what a city. I'm dying to go back again. A great night, diverse, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, lots of food and drink and music. Only little niggle was the B&B owner who said his place was just up the road from the Chultuurlann. Well it was only up the road, like about 6 miles, uphill and through the snow and fallen trees. It was picturesque and welcoming (even when my beloved left the front door key in the car and we got a lift back without the key and had to ring the bell at an ungodly hour. LOL) But next visit I'll stay in the centre or maybe near Queens.

Met some lovely people, and how they can talk. Hi to you all: Aine, Alan, Fionnula, Heather, James, John, Noel, Pat and Wendy, not forgetting the poetical but highly stocious, plums man. And we were recorded by Raidio Failte for broadcast in the next couple of weeks. Do yourself a favour and tune in.

Crown Liquor Saloon is a fabulous place for a drink, protected by the National Trust but a real pub with spilled beer, fights, drunks and everything. And an educational, passionate tour from Joe, the West Belfast Black Taxi man along the Falls Road.


Wendy Mooney said...

That is so funny about having to knock-up the guesthouse! We weren't too well on the train down to Dublin either, I assure you... Thanks for the comment on the blog. Hopefully we get a chance to all get together again soon. Yes, a great night, a great city, and great people. Good luck with the awards!

Sinéad said...

EW, I know you're guarding your secret identity but be sure and say hello at the Blog Awards. :)

Thought you might be up for this writing challenge?

PJ Nolan said...

Best of luck with the awards! Although I'll be rooting for my good illustrator buddies over at too, I have to say your blog is a regular visit of mine - very good of you to amalgamate so much interesting content relevant to any aspiring writer. Plus you keep on top of posting - my own is a bit hit'n'miss. Cheers, PJ.

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks for your comments and good wishes on the blogger awards. May the best blog win!